AP Fitness and Training

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All clients are unique, AP Fitness provides several fitness packages to suit your specific needs. Please scroll through the options below to chose what works best for you.

1 on 1 Private Training – 35$ per session

Private training is the most effective form of training available. With 100% of your trainers attention
one can rest assured that all bases will be covered and that fitness goals will be met.

Semi Private Training – 25$ per session

Semi Private Training involves more than one client at a time. This fits well with those who are looking for a social option that will reduce overall cost.

Workout Plans – 35$

This option is for those who are looking to workout on their own but would like to know what the best route is to achieve their fitness goals. Training programs include hypertrophy, fat loss, strength training, introductions to the gym, general health and well being, sport specific training, event training, and training for posture.

Diet Plans – 35$

Diet plans are for those that want to take the guess work out of what to eat. These are based on the clients, weight, height, age, sex, fitness goals and food choices.