“I started training with Alec in January 2015 and I can say that he drastically changed my view on training and eating right. No one ever said it was going to be easy but one thing I can say is that Alec made it easier by always encouraging me, keeping track of what I was eating and making sure I was training right. He’s a great motivator. He’s always been available to answer all my questions and he helped me a lot with self-confidence. He created the perfect program for me and I found that I am so much fitter and have a better understanding of the right foods to eat. He has the aptitude for knowing what I am capable of and won’t let me slack off. He gives me just enough freedom to keep me focused but not enough that I am not pushing myself to finish the set. He’s fun to work with, great for results and a truly excellent trainer. He’s been a great supporter and he has never let me down. I could not thank him enough for all that he did for me. Nothing like the sense of achievement you get when you finish one of Alec’s sessions! I would recommend him any day. Hands down he is the best personal trainer in town. Thanks again Alec !”

– Jacynthe Sauvé

“I have never used a trainer before and did not really know what to expect. I don’t think I could have got any better help in getting into shape. Alec is not only knowledgeable in the many exercises he put me through but also provided helpful diet suggestions. His encouragement and goal-oriented approach worked very well for me. All of this has led to me being in much better shape and I have Alec to thank!”

– Clair McCann

“Alec Part is simply an amazing Personal Trainer! In eight weeks I have lost weight and gained significant muscle – all while having fun. Alec quickly and accurately assessed my fitness, facilitated realistic goal setting, and helped me to attain a new level of fitness with the perfect balance of encouragement, humor and motivation. Thank you for my new lease on life, Alec!”

– Beth Bretzlaff

“As a future doctor it is important to practice what you preach and with Alec’s amazing personalized circuit training sessions I was able to do this beautifully. One of the great benefits of having a trainer is having someone who is going to consistently push you harder than you would normally push yourself and encourage you along the way. Alec did an amazing job with me. In 6 weeks I saw phenomenal results in terms of both weight loss and better muscle definition. Everyone has been noticing the difference! Would definitely highly recommend Alec to anyone looking for that extra push!”

– Taleen Haddad

“I grew up not thinking I would ever be fit. After looking at some pictures of myself after a vacation though, I decided to do something to change my lifestyle. After seeing Alec’s add and going in for my assessment, I felt he’d be the perfect trainer to help me make those changes.

Now coming up on 2 years of working out with Alec, I’ve dropped 50lbs and am getting some nice muscle definition – so much so that I’m going to try out for a new career thanks to his mentoring!”

– Andre Degagne

“Alec is the first personal trainer I have ever had. I have worked out with him now for almost 2 years. It is not an exaggeration to say that he changed my life. I’ve gotten very fit, and get compliments everywhere I go. I reached my initial goal weight and lost over 60 lbs. It was hard hard work. Not going to lie. But staying focused, and knowing Alec had my back no matter what, be during a squat, or walking in feeling guilty because I ate something I probably shouldn’t have, everything eventually became my new habits. Good habits this time. We’re now in a different gear where I’m trying to add more muscle on while staying lean. I created new fitness goals and achieved them. Alec truly wants to see you succeed, maybe even more than you do! He will push and support you to achieve your own personal fitness, nutrition, and life goals with a no judgement attitude and a spring in his step. He is not only professional, incredibly knowledgeable about exercises, movement, anatomy but he also has an incredible energy and spirit that could motivate a wall to do burpees He knows how to tailor a workout to the person in front of him. It’s always hard, challenging and leaves you feeling 10 times better than when you got there.”

– Jonathan Major

“Location is in the middle of downtown so it’s easy to get to, just have to watch out for the sign outside. Alec is very professional and dedicated to training you, he doesn’t just want you to lose weight but also help you change your lifestyle. How to eat better, and make better decisions. The gym is well equipped, but could be bigger, but that will happen in due time. I recommend Alec and his gym to anyone who wants to get back into shape or, those that need guidance with their workouts.”

– Kathia B

“I have been a client at AP Fitness for 4 months now and the transformation that has occurred in how I look, feel, and what I am able to do is phenomenal. Alec takes an interest in each and every client personally, sets personal goals with his clients and customizes workouts and diet plans to help achieve those goals. He is very good at making you feel motivated and getting you to use every ounce of energy in a workout. I would highly recommend Alec to anyone who is willing to make a serious commitment to getting in shape.”

– Dotca Guy

“I’ve been working out with Alec for nearly six months now and I recommend him to anyone who is looking for a personal trainer. He’s very professional and genuinely wants his clients to succeed. Knowing he wants you succeed and is willing to help you achieve your fitness goals makes a big difference in keeping you focused and pushing yourself to do better. I love going to this gym and I have felt 100 times better ever since I started going there. No matter how challenging the work out can be, it always feels worth it and Alec motivates me to keep improving. If you’re looking for a personal trainer, this is definitely a great place to go.”

– Courtney Lord